Why I respect Roger Federer

This is a post which I wrote in 2017 after RF’s Wimbledon victory which made me respect Roger Federer Though a hardcore Novak Djokovic supporter, I’d still say that Roger Federer is a lesson to all of us as it’s more than just winning a(nother) grand slam. I never believed that Federer would gain back …

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How I reach my office

I have heard about many types of ‘excitement’ in the morning but the only one I ever get is in the action of jumping over garbage in Noida (which is full of them), squeezing through disarranged totos (Noida has no traffic rules whatsoever), competing against the street cows & reaching the office panting at 9:10:59 …

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My Principles about Life

Read about the principles of life – my viewpoint on the various lessons I have learnt from life and want to share with everyone as these are some things that books can’t teach you…it can be taught only by life’s greatest teacher – Experience! Live & let live. (Don’t poke your nose in the life …

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The Love(s) of my life

Tennis, Novak Djokovic (since he was 21. Maximum number of posts in my life is about him) Football & Chelsea (when I was in school), Kaka (forever) Royal Enfield: Read about my experience Cilian Murphy (of Peaky Blinders & not Inception) Sherlock (Season 1 & 2 only) & Sherlock Holmes (novel) Fantastic Beasts & where …

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