Dream to become an entrepreneur

In the valley of dreams, my heart takes flight,Yearning for freedom, seeking its own light. Frustration engulfs in a job I’m bound,Underneath others, my spirit feels drowned. An entrepreneur’s path, my soul desires,To break free from shackles, quench inner fires. But alas, ideas elude me, resources seem scarce,Support is absent, and talent feels sparse. Yet …

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My 1st Rebel trip

In my life, I have always longed to roam,To venture far from hearth and home. My friends used to travel, joy unfurled,While in envy, I watched their world. But then, within me burned a flame,As if something had happened to my brain I rebelled against conservative ties,And sought my own, the clear blue skies. With …

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That new TV show

Everyday my friends gossiped about the captivating scenes of a new TV show,What was so mesmerizing in it I wished to know I had not started watching the series yetMy bestie declared “You’ll just love it, I can bet” When they debated each plot and turn, I felt left out“How can you be so old-fashioned” …

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